Tom Abba Interview

As a group we decided that it would be beneficial to interview Tom Abba. Tom Abba is a senior lecturer at UWE  who specialises in narrative theory. We are hoping to produce a shadow puppet show to tell the story of Tam o’Shanter (a narrative poem by Robert Burns). Our intention is to host the show in the Auld Alloway Kirk in Ayr in Scotland. Tam o’Shanter was written in this location which is why we want to host the show there.

The show would take place on Burns night (Jan 25th). Tom Abba has recently produced a book called These Pages Fall like Ash. The book relied on the reader being in Bristol and going to the locations that he had written about. So not only was it Tom’s story but it became the readers story. We wanted to find out about some of the practicalities of taking a viewer to  a place and how to entice them and make the audience want to be involved.

Check out Beth Jackman (Member of The Shadow Collective) : for full information and the recording of the interview.

About Emma Nicol

Artist / Communicator. Third year Illustration student @ Bristol U.W.E. Passionate about making environmental issues widely understood using art.

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