My main job in the group is the maker, although we have all shared most of the work evenly I’m much more of a hands on person, I’ve been busy making the screen for our show. It’s smaller than we would of liked but it’s great for a prototype. All I’ve used is a cardboard box and cut out the front, then to strengthen it I did some paper mache. When it was dry I spray painted the whole thing black to make it look neater. (Although this is currently a prototype I still want it to look good.)With the help of my colleague Ruby I fitted some calico to the front and we were ready to go.


Above is an image of our prototype puppets, all hand cut from thick card.




First test shots with our puppets and the forest scene (again hand cut on card). We are really pleased with how these look, it’s what we had pictured and more.

Our Event:

So as mentioned before we would be showing our puppet show on Burns day. Our intention is to have two shows, each will be half an hour long.

We would have a daytime show for children that would be followed up with a workshop whereby they would make there own puppet.

Then we would have a night time showing. This showing would include a dram (A shot of whiskey) and a taster of the traditional Burn’s night dinner of haggis, neeps and tatties.

The event would be hosted at Alloway Kirk in Ayr, what makes Shadow Collective unique is that we only tell stories that involve a real place. If a location really inspired a writer then the story should be told in that place.

I did some research to help us plan for how much we should charge for the events and the average came in at £8 for the childrens showing and £15 for the adults showing as the food & beverage is included.

About Emma Nicol

Artist / Communicator. Third year Illustration student @ Bristol U.W.E. Passionate about making environmental issues widely understood using art.

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