Air Pollution

I’m working on a new project about air pollution, it’s something that we are constantly surrounded by, but don’t take much notice of. As our  consumption of fossil fuels continues at high levels we are constantly adding to the air pollution. Air pollution contributes to smog which is a problem well known to cities, the images above show smog in traffic and in China, the ariel show being the smog hiding China from Space.

Air pollution has problems for our health and the environment and it’s something I’d like to make my work about. I’d like to make an interactive/ engaging piece of work to help communicate the issues of air pollution to people. Of course there is natural causes of air pollution as well as anthropogenic causes, things like pollen and dust will always be in the air but they still have health effects for many people they are just less severe than those that we as humans cause.

About Emma Nicol

Artist / Communicator. Third year Illustration student @ Bristol U.W.E. Passionate about making environmental issues widely understood using art.

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