Installation Sketches

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Some sketches from my installation planning. I’m hoping to create an interactive installation to discuss ideas about air pollution. Showing people what particles that make up air pollution look like specifically oil and pollen, although pollen is not a bad pollutant I wanted to show something natural and something man made. I’d like to have separate rooms where the particles move around differently, and the lighting is varied too. 

I imagine the pollen particles to be light and floaty as if they are in the wind, and the oil particles to be heavy and dense, imagining the particles sticking to the alveoli in our lungs. These drawings were done to help me get my head around arduino’s and auto meters so I could then make one. I’m planning to make a ‘to scale’ model so I can imagine what it could look like if I had an unlimited budget.


About Emma Nicol

Artist / Communicator. Third year Illustration student @ Bristol U.W.E. Passionate about making environmental issues widely understood using art.

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