Arduino / Autometers

After a realising I wanted to create an interactive installation, I started to learn basic Arduino coding and how to make auto meters. Learning this has been crucial to the development of my installation. Without these techniques my installation could of ended up quite flat. I am now thinking about how to light things as well as make them move. 



My current project is looking into air pollution, here I am trying to imagine what a particle would look like if it were visible to the human eye. This is prior to any deep research, I was using the enamel to try and create an interesting texture.


Here I was learning how to weld, again I was doing this for the textures. The Steel takes on a nice oily look when the surface gets hot, using 3 different types of welding I made these samples. (Mig Welding, Spot welding and Braizng)

Future Cities

Future cities PRINT emma nicol

A Poster design for the Bristol Festival of Ideas. The idea was to show that the city should be a place for nature as well as normal city activities.

Air Pollution

I’m working on a new project about air pollution, it’s something that we are constantly surrounded by, but don’t take much notice of. As our  consumption of fossil fuels continues at high levels we are constantly adding to the air pollution. Air pollution contributes to smog which is a problem well known to cities, the images above show smog in traffic and in China, the ariel show being the smog hiding China from Space.

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Graham Rawle Workshop

enamelling textures
Critical Component

19.10.15 – Today we had a lecture / workshop from Graham Rawle. In the workshop we got given two words to make a narrative from. (An image with 200 words) My words were ‘Critical Component’ it was really difficult to make a narrative from these words so I applied it to my current project about pollution. The Critical Component in our society is Crude Oil and I felt that it was important to show people a list of things that would not exist as we know them without crude oil. The structures in the middle are several different hydrocarbons that are from Crude Oil.