Installation Frame

Here is a before and after shot of my frame, originally my frame was 2m high however this was not tall enough for people over 5ft6. So I increased it by 50cm for the taller audience. This made my space significantly better, and opens it up more than pervious.



Change Creators

I’ve recently been accepted to join Change Creators : A Creative Leadership programme, through Bristol’s Knowle West Media Centre.

We started the week by learning about how to become a leader and how important our values are. As a team we decided that our values were

Maverick, Authentic, Love, Honesty, Respect, Communication.

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War Horse

Warhorse 3 ONLINE
“Desolation and destruction were everywhere. Not a building was left in tact, not a blade of grass grew in the torn and raged soil.”
Warhorse 1
“Gentle fall of snow and the flickering light in the farmhouse.”
“He held up a white handkerchief and began to work his way through the wire.”

These images were created for the Folio Society’s competition. For the book Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo.I used my textures from enamelling and welding to create these. For the text I printed onto leather then scanned it in. I wanted the typography to have an indented effect. Continue reading

Lighting experiments

Lighting is going to be an important part to my installation, for now I am working on how to light the pollen particles, as I’m going to experiment with a light projection for the diesel rather than light the particle.

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Sample Particles


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Experimenting with resin and 3D printing for my first pollen and diesel soot particle. Juxtaposing the particles with the human figure for model making. How would we feel about air pollution if the particles were visible to the naked eye? Would it change our attitudes towards air pollution, greenhouse gases and climate change?

Installation Sketches

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Some sketches from my installation planning. I’m hoping to create an interactive installation to discuss ideas about air pollution. Showing people what particles that make up air pollution look like specifically oil and pollen, although pollen is not a bad pollutant I wanted to show something natural and something man made. I’d like to have separate rooms where the particles move around differently, and the lighting is varied too. 

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